Backbone Capital Assists Northern Pacific in its Acquisition of ULG

Backbone Capital Assists Northern Pacific in its Acquisition of ULG

Daily News, June 8, 2016 –

Northern Pacific Group invested in the creation of United Language Group (ULG). ULG was formed following the acquisitions of Merrill Brink International, the languages services division of Merrill Corporation, and KJ International Resources (KJI).

Northern Pacific Group invested equity into ULG in partnership with Yukon Partners, which also provided mezzanine financing. Bell Capital Finance provided a senior credit facility. Backbone Capital Advisors assisted in the arrangement of debt financing and Fredrikson & Byron served as primary legal counsel to Northern Pacific Group.

ULG was formed in conjunction with industry veterans Jeff Brink and Hans Fenstermacher to build a best-in-class language service provider. The Brinks founded Merrill Brink as PH Brink International in 1987 and sold the business to Merrill Corporation in 2005. Merrill Brink’s customer base includes multi-national companies in industries such as life sciences, manufacturing, and travel/hospitality, as well as governmental entities and law firms.

“We are thrilled to launch our strategy with the acquisition of Merrill Brink and KJI,” said Brink,. “Merrill Brink has maintained a sterling reputation over many years, has an outstanding operation and is well-known for innovation. We are delighted to immediately strengthen our life sciences practice with KJ International. Both companies have developed strong brands and customer loyalty, and share similar corporate cultures. Additionally, both organizations will benefit from cross-pollination of complementary technologies, skill sets and an expanded footprint.”