Our Services

Our Services

Backbone Capital provides a valuable service to its clients as an outsource provider, relieving them of the large commitment of time required to execute a financing transaction from start to finish, and allowing them to focus on their core business activities.

We begin by examining the transaction and the company or target company, offering a professional view of its financing capacity and making recommendations for proposed debt or equity structures.
Once engaged, we work with you to finalize a business model and prepare a presentation for financing sources.
We hand pick a specific group of capital sources who specialize in the particular type of debt or equity required.

Working closely with all interested capital sources, we negotiate term sheets offering the maximum financing at the lowest cost of funds with the best terms and conditions.

To identify the best solution, we negotiate multiple term sheets to emerge with the top choices for the company to review.

Final term sheets are summarized and presented for review. Together, we work with the client to evaluate all aspects of the proposals, and select the most desirable deal.

We coordinate and administrate the entire due diligence process.

We coordinate all legal documents and negotiate terms, conditions, and financial covenants.

We arrange all logistics to ensure a smooth transaction closing.

Backbone Capital will remain available after closing for any ongoing needs.